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Threesome With Friends

by sally69er ?
I arrived at Gary and Kats at 8 as we had arranged Gary opened the door kissing me on the cheek as I walked in, we sat talking for a while when Gary asked if I would like to watch a video yes why not both me and Kat replied. Gary slipped the tape into the recorder telling us it was a blue movie he had got from work that day, it wasn't on long when I started to feel excited watching the fucking on the screen. Gary slipped his arm round Kat and kissed her moving his hand down until he was gently caressing her tit through her dress, they seemed to forget I was sitting there as they kissed slowly their hands running over each others bodies undoing the buttons to their tops. I didn't want to feel left out so I slowly moved across the floor, I parted Kats legs a little as I kissed her thigh working up her leg until I felt the top of her stocking top. The skin on her inner thigh felt soft, as my lips gently worked upwards I could feel Kat was excited from the damp patch round her pussy covered by her tiny black panties. I eased her panties to one side smelling the sweet scent of her juices leaking from her pussy, I continued moving my tongue a little higher feeling the soft hair covering her pussy brush against my face. My tongue parted the lips to her pussy as I gently probe into her. Gary now had Kats firm tits out of her bra sucking on each nipple in turn that were rock hard from her excitement, I slipped my hands onto her panties easing them down as Kat lifted her arse from the sofa making it easier for me. I then pulled her dress down her body freeing her from the last of her clothing, Gary was starting to undo the zip to my dress before it slipped of my shoulders and down over my body. I continued licking Kat pussy as Gary moved behind me undoing my bra then slowly easing down my black panties, I held Kats legs wide apart probing her as deeply as my tongue would go. Gary moving his finger down between my arse cheeks before slipping it gently between the lips to my pussy, he soon found my clit and rubbed it I flicked my tongue over Kats clit as I parted the lips to her pussy wide. Gary removed his clothing before kneeling behind me once more, I felt him part my arse cheeks rubbing his hard cock against the entrance to my pussy. I moved myself backwards feeling the tip of his hard cock enter me as I sucked hard on Kats clit, my finger now fucking her very slowly as Gary's cock fully entered me the tip of his cock hitting the top of my pussy pushing me forward onto Kats pussy. Gary held my waist as he started fucking my pussy harder as he thrust forward with great force, Kat was holding my head pulling my mouth closer to her wet pussy as her hips rocked rubbing her pussy over my tongue. There I was on my knees pleasuring Gary's cock with my pussy as I pleasured Kats pussy with my tongue. Gary moved me aside kneeling between Kats open legs cock in hand rubbing it against her clit, as I licked her nipples I felt Kat jump as Gary's cock slammed into her. I moved my head up looking at Kat our lips slowly coming together our tongues entering our mouths as Gary started fucking Kat hard, I moved my hand down stroking Kats clit feeling Gary's cock moving back and forth from the depths of her pussy. Gary's once more finger fucking my pussy as he fucked Kats pussy it was now Kat turn to be pleasured by both Gary and myself, we both worked her pussy hard as Kat screamed out as she climaxed hard. I moved laying myself on the floor legs wide open fingering myself watching Gary's arse rocking as he continued fucking Kat, I started to shake a little my body tingle as a climax built from deep within me. Gary moved back from Kat as she moved and laid beside me, again we kissed fingering each other as Gary watched rubbing his cock only inches from our faces. Kat pussy felt so wet and soft as I slowly turned her moving on top of her my mouth once more covering her sweet pussy, slowly I moved my pussy down over her face until I felt her tongue probe between the lips to my pussy. Gary again moved behind me holding my waist his cock slipping between the lips of my pussy as Kat tongue worked hard on my clit, Gary was pumping his hard cock deep into the warm depths of my pussy as my tongue probe deep into Kats warm wet pussy. Gary hit home hard with real force making my pussy explode, I felt my juices running from my pussy as Kat lapped them up. I just preyed to myself that Gary would fill me with his hot cum, but he pulled back letting Kat and myself continue our 69 as he watched. I finger fucked Kat hard as she did the same I looked towards Gary watching him rub his hard erection, I looked back to Kats pussy letting Gary know he should fuck her once more which he did. I licked Kat clit feeling Gary's cock slipping to and from her, I pushed my pussy down hard over Kats mouth as her fingers parted my pussy lips her tongue really probing deep into me. I eased off Kat gently pushing Gary back until he laid on the floor, I took his hard erection into my hand as I came down onto it Kat moved until she had parted her legs over his face her pussy descending down over his mouth. I rocked hard on his cock as he held Kats arse licking her clit as her juices run freely into his mouth, my own juices running freely covering his hard cock as I fucked him. Kat leant forward and again we kissed with passion knowing we were both getting pleasure this time from Gary. Once more we changed places this time Kat laying next to me as Gary rubbed his cock inches from our faces, we both caressed his balls and cock as with one hand as we fingered each other with the other. Gary cried out YES as his hot cum shot from his cock over both our faces, it was warm as each of us got some shot into our mouths before he wiped it across our faces. He moved back as both Kat and myself licked each other's face clean from the cum-shower we had just had from Gary. We laid there getting our breaths back before we all went upstairs, we all showered then started another round of fucking this time Gary filled each of our pussies with his lovely hot sticky cum. We fucked well into the next morning before falling asleep.

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