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Cheating With My Boss & Her Husband !

by alli980 ?
It was a new apartment and they didn't have it furnished yet, no couch or major furniture to speak of. Gina told me to come on in and crash with her in their bed. She said her husband was asleep and he wouldn't mind at all. She added that it was a king size and they had lots of room so I needn't worry. My first thought was no way. My husband would most certainly kill me if he ever knew. It also just isn't me, I am a fairly shy and demure woman when it comes to nudity and sex. I guess it's a little old fashioned and out of date now days but that's how I was brought up. Gina insisted that everything would be fine and wasn't a problem at all. I was pretty drunk, my defenses were down and I was in no mood to argue with my new boss. I glanced at her husband to be sure he was asleep and I removed my dress and panty hose. Standing there in front of Gina in just a pair of transparent white lace string panties and a matching demi-pushup bra (trying to make the most of my 34a/b size)I was feeling somewhat embarrassed. I haven't undressed in front of anyone except my husband in a very long time. I also hadn't undressed in front of another woman since my high school locker room and that was quite a different situation. Gina quickly stripped down to a pair of fluorescent green panties, she also removed her bra, leaving her ample breasts in plain view like it was no big deal at all. I admired her size and firmness. Gina has a much fuller figure than myself, not that she's fat or anything. Far from it. Gina is about my height but probably a 38c on top and also much fuller hips. As she walked by me to hang up her dress in the closet she gave me a playful grab on my ass and said " looking good girl, how do stay so firm?". I just smiled not quite sure of how to respond to it. Suddenly her husband sat up in bed wondering what all the commotion was. There I was standing there with no where to hide and no way to cover up. His eyes fixed on my dark pussy hair that was clearly evident through the front of my sheer panties. Gina introduced me as her new assistant and explained that I was going to crash here as we were both a little tipsy. Russell scooted over while Gina climbed in the middle and I climbed into the other side of Gina. I felt somewhat like I was cheating even just lying there in my underwear next to another man and woman. At some point in the night I woke up from some movement in the bed. I rolled over and Gina was holding her husbands cock in both hands, one on top of the other and sucking on a good four inches that rose up above that. My eyes stared in amazement, both at the size of his cock and the fact that Gina was doing this act right there in front of me. He must have been 10 or 12 inches long and very fat around. Never before had I ever seen anyone else having sex before. I was about to say something and get up to leave but she motioned to me with her lips to stay and be quiet. Russell was just lying there, not paying any attention at all. Something came over me and I remained there and watched Gina giving her husband the blow job of his life. Gina motioned for me to join her but I replied no way. Gina grabbed my hand and gently placed in on his cock, wrapping her hand around mine. Slowly Gina stroked my hand up and down his shaft. He was huge, my hand did not even go all the way around. Gina was licking and sucking him the whole time as well, offering his cock to me several times. I declined. After a few minutes his cock began to pump up, ready to blow. He started to cum and Gina started swallowing as fast as she could go, eventually cum was overflowing from her mouth. She pulled his cock from her mouth and pointed it towards me sending a several blasts of cum on me, landing on my face and bra and tummy. I pulled away in shock as she put it back in her mouth to finish sucking him down. I rolled over and went to sleep definitely aroused by what I had seen. In the morning I woke up to the feeling of someone's hands on me. It was Russell. He had my bra pulled down sucking on my breasts. I looked over and Gina was not there. I attempted to sit up but he put his leg over mine. Not wanting to let Gina know I quietly asked Russell to please stop. I told him I was married and not interested at all in cheating on my husband. I could now feel his cock stabbing at the front of my panties. I started to really struggle now and he moved up over top of me to remain in control holding both of my arms up over my head. His cock was now pushing the crotch of my panties aside and I could feel his hot cockhead just starting inside my pussy lips. I was getting crazy now and yelled out for Gina. My yell was interrupted by a scream as his cock pushed it's way into my pussy, deeper and deeper stretching me like never before. After several short jabs of his cock, opening me up a little more each time, Russell fell into me until he was buried in me to the hilt his cockhead pulsing deeply inside me. Overcome by shock and fear I had totally forgotten until now that I was no longer on the pill because my husband and I were trying to conceive. I begged Russell to pull out of me but it was too late for that. I felt him swell up and I screamed "noooooooo" as he started spewing his hot seed into my pussy. My pussy was flooded with blast after blast of his hot sticky cum. Still hard, he continued to pump his cock into my cum soaked pussy. Well used to his size by now I wrapped my legs around as much as I could pulling him into me. Gina had returned and was now standing in the door watching me fuck her husband. She said "I knew you would like it, you just had to try it". Gina pulled her husband from me diving between my open legs and started to give me a pussy licking I'll not soon forget. Russell moved up behind Gina taking her pussy from behind. I had a great view of him pushing in and out of her. The three of us changed positions several times. Since that night I have gone over to their house many times. Gina keeps trying to get me to bring my husband over with me but that may take some time. I'm not sure how to break the news to him and not sure how he will react.

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