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My Wife's First Time !

by taurents ?
"She didn't really have one, she just got me to rationalise my doubts." "Did you make a decision?" "Not really, I mean you know that the idea excites me, it's just that I would hate it if , say, you arranged for one of your friends, who I knew, to be the first and I honestly can't promise that I wouldn't get a bit jealous seeing you with another girl, especially if she was prettier than me". I'd already guessed that, which was why I hadn't already kicked things off with an advert in the personal column of an advertising paper that specialises in that sort of liaison. Similarly I had rejected the idea of another couple for our first encounter. Nothing would be worse than to find myself slipping inside the naked body of a young lady, assuming that her husband was doing something similar with Jane only to see her running out of the room in tears. I had long decided that if our fantasy was ever to become reality then Jane would have to be the first to enjoy the experience. Her next words gave me the solution to our dilemma , but I wasn't about to give anything away just yet. "It wouldn't be so bad" She began choosing her words with care, "If I didn't have to meet the guy. The thought of making small talk , knowing exactly what he was imagining might happen an hour or so later worries me, especially as I would hate to say no once he had his hopes built up. If there was a guy that I hadn't met and would never have to meet in the future, if he was happy to look and touch but with no guarantee of sex , that would be OK. Do you have the phone number of the Invisible Man?" She laughed. I didn't have his number but I did have the germination of an idea. Over the next few days I mulled it over in my head, seeking out the flaw. I couldn't find one. We carried on talking about our fantasy from time to time without making any more progress. At the end of one such chat I said " Don't worry I'm sure that the Invisible Man will turn up soon" Now I don't want you to think that we were in a sexual rut, far from it. We loved exploring new ways and places to make love and our frequency was rarely less than four times a week. One night I decided to indulge her in her favourite scenario. I came home from work with a bottle of wine and a take away. We ate the meal by candle light with mood music playing. She knew that I was in seduction mode but had no idea what type of move I was going to make. At the end of the meal I guided her towards our long settee. While still standing I kissed her gently and slowly eased her out of her blouse and skirt. Her bra and panties quickly followed. Once she was naked I laid her down on the settee. Reaching over I found the cords which I had attached to the castors that morning. I tied one to her wrists and forced her arms beyond her head and tightened the cord holding her hands and arms in place, it had the effect of making her firm breasts stand even more proudly. She moaned softly anticipating what would follow. I took her right leg and tied it so that her knee was over the back of the settee. Her left stretched towards the adjacent armchair and the cord held that position. This left her totally exposed with no way of concealing herself. Not that she wanted to, she raised her hips invitingly. I wasn't ready yet. From my pocket I pulled one of her silk scarfs and tied it around her head covering her eyes. Her back arched offering me her breasts. Gently using only the tip of my tongue I licked the side of her neck. My timing was perfect, the door bell rang. She froze. "My God. Set me free quick!" Her body wriggled in panic. "Relax" I said soothingly "It's only the invisible man" "What!" She was squirming and as she did so her more intimate lips parted exposing her more thoroughly than before. I opened the door and the stranger walked in. Jane was still wriggling and a low moan escaped from her lips , but my husbandly experience assured me that her excitement now exceeded any embarrassment. Although the stranger did not speak Jane could not have missed the two sets of footsteps approaching her. Nor could she have missed the sounds of clothes landing on the floor as the stranger stripped naked. Advancing to her face the stranger ran fingers over her cheeks before resuming attention to her neck which had, until moments earlier been my job. Moving from her neck to her eyelids the tongue continued the fluttering action as I took a seat on the adjacent chair and stroked her ankles reassuringly. Jane arched her back again offering her naked breasts to the stranger, her mouth opened and a gentle "aaahhh" escaped her lips. Taking advantage of her open mouth the stranger licked her tongue, taking care that the kiss was so light that their lips did not quite meet. Jane strained to make better contact but the newcomer was now licking her upper chest. A flush had developed over Jane's upper torso, her nipples were hard as the ever exploring tongue navigated the taut flesh surrounding the brown aureoles. The tongue moved over her flat stomach, tracing it's way around the triangle of her dense bush, teasingly down her right thigh and tantalizingly back up the left. Jane's hips were raised, in between her moans came the panted words "My pussy, please lick my pussy" Obligingly the tongue followed the soft raised tissue of her labia, seeking and finding her throbbing clitoris which was now fully inflamed with desire. Dews of moisture were evident at her open slit. As the strangers tongue made it's first tentative contact Jane bucked forcing closer contact. Her body vibrated like a tuning fork as her first major climax of the night erupted inside her. Time after time she came until at last she was exhausted. "No more, please no more" she begged."I want to, but I can't , not yet" I touched the strangers shoulder and sat beside Jane stroking her head as the stranger dressed. The door opened and closed. "Has he gone?" she whispered "Yes, just us now" I began to untie the blindfold, she stopped me. "Leave it, I want to pretend it's him. You don't mind do you?" "Not at all " I assured her moving down her body. Much later we talked "that was a thousand times more exciting than I imagined, just one thing though" "Yes " I asked, my heart pounding. "Would he mind if I didn't meet him again? I am ready to meet a guy now but I want to be on an even footing with him when I do and that guy has an advantage over me, he has already seen me naked and brought me off" "No problem", I promised, I knew with certainty that her friend Sandra too had no desire for Jane to know that it was she who had just left. You see Sandra had a secret. Although it was true that she would permit no intimacy with another man it had been purely by luck that I had been driving past the city's main gay bar one night and seen her kissing and caressing a pretty young blonde on a night her husband was out of town.

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