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Meeting Jane !

by Dave Evans ?
She asked how much I knew about laptops and invited me in her room so I might be able to help her out. In just a little while I found she had a bad wire connected to her computer, and I had the same type wire so I offered her mine, for that evening anyway. I wanted no more to do with computers that night. I was tired of looking at a screen! She looked so nice wearing a business suit, I loved the way her hair looked and she had taken off her jacket while I was checking out her computer. Her breasts caught my eye right off. She knew I was looking at her body and she smiled as we seemed to have an attraction to one another, we got along really well, like we were in tune to one another. I thought. "Yessss, there's hope!" She double checked with me wanting to make sure I didn't need my computer that night. I assured her I didn't. She suggested that maybe we could go downstairs later and have dinner later? I said. "I'm ready whenever you want me!" She smiled and said. "About sevenish then." I nodded agreeing with her. What I felt we must both have built up in us. Both looking for something a little extra or special. Think of it as a kind of reward, for all our hard work. I could tell by the look in her eyes, she wanted me, but she didn't know how to ask. I have those same feelings but I'm kinda shy too. I didn't jackoff in the shower and cum, I just had a hard-on for an hour just thinking about her, even after my shower. I laid on the bed slowly stroking myself, pretending it was her soft touch, it was a nice time. Closing my eyes and just picturing Jane in my mind. I always enjoyed having a hardon anyway. I wanted her so much, but I knew it was a slim chance, her being married and all. Then a soft knock on my door! It was only six o'clock! I jumped up. Not really knowing what to do, I grabbed my bath towel and said. "Who is it?" Jane said, "It's me, handsome." I could sure tell her voice even on the other side of the door! There I was with a monster hardon! I wrapped that towel around my waist and went and cracked the door open and asked, "What is it Jane?" She said, "I can't get any work done! I was thinking about you!" "Well I'm not dressed." I tried telling her. She pushed the door open walking in saying. "What are you doing?" She looked down seeing my cock pushing the towel way out! She looked in my eyes smiling saying. "I hope that's all from thinking about little ol' me?" I was red from embarrassment, not like me at all! But she came in so unexpectedly. She walked up and hugged me, my cock pushing into her tummy. She was just wearing a silk robe and looked great! Her hair was damp from a shower she just took. I placed one hand in the small of her back and the other running my fingers through her hair, gently holding the back of her head as I kissed her. It was the longest most passionate kiss I can remember giving any woman. We fit together so well, not feeling any awkwardness between us, even with our first kiss, feeling our lust. I kissed her all down her neck, she placed her hands on the side of my head, holding me to her. Her robe was falling open. So I picked her beautiful body up in my arms carrying her to my bed. I'm this big cowboy kinda guy with a great smile. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I'm six two and weigh two hundred and eight pounds. I laid her down, my towel falling to the floor. I continued kissing her neck softly biting and licking my way to her shapely breasts. I sucked on her right nipple, rolling it between my teeth, biting her ever so gently. My left hand was feeling the firmness of her other breast, and I softly pinched her nipple between my fingers. She was squirming from the attention I was giving her breasts, soon her nipples were all shiny and wet from my licking and sucking. She said. "Dave, I'm so sensitive there." Her nipples were so hard, I loved the feeling of having them in my mouth and to hear her moan in pleasure. So I lifted her up smiling at her pretty face her eyes almost glassy. She was saying, "Take me, love me, make me be the woman you want." I helped her out of her robe setting it out of our way. I rolled her over on her tummy, kissing her back all over, running my tongue all the way down her spine licking all the way through her ass crack continuing down her body kissing and licking the insides of her legs, biting on those tendons behind her knees licking all that soft skin there, hearing her moaning with the pleasure I'm giving her. I kissed it licked her pussy making her so wet and so ready. I longed for the time to slide my long cock deep in her. I took my time gently rubbing her clitoris and driving her wild. She felt my big hands spreading her legs apart even more, licking deeper into her. I heard her moaning softly. "Ohhh Pleazzzze, oh, oh my God!" After a time I get her turned around sitting on the side of the bed and I stood up in front of her. I softly massaged her perfect breasts, rolling and pinching her tender nipples, my fingers still dripping wet from that wonderful pussy of hers. I thought of how lucky her husband is to have someone like her to live and sleep with. What a fine woman! Yes, we were both married and we talked of our families and kids later but for this time we wanted just something for us and to forget about other things for a time, to share a different kind of love just between us, something brief and memorable, something we can both keep back in our minds, something to think about for those quiet times in the future. Jane sucked on my cock, as I thought about those things, I knew she was game for anything I wanted, I could have easily came in her mouth as she was sucking me to full term. But I had her stop and I laid her down on the sheets, kissing her lips and working my way in between her legs, she opened her legs wide for me, she took hold of my cock and helped guide it right where she wanted it. I worked the head in her wet pussy, she was straining and moaning, but I continued into her, her fingernails raked my back as I kept going deeper in her, finally our tummy's cozied together and I just laid over her petite body. Laying there watching her work up and down on my cock, she was the best! Jane's pussy seemed to almost suck my cock as she worked herself up and down my length. I watched her slaving away on me as she had orgasm after orgasm. During one of her longest ones, I held her hips pulling her down tight to me. She yelled out. "Ohhhh. Yesss, yes!" I could tell she liked being on top! She was throwing her head back as she felt me cumming so many spurts of my warm cum going up in her body. She had strong legs and hips but I bucked her like she hadn't been, probably never. I came and came bucking her up and down. She laughed out loud saying. "I'm a cowgirl now! Yahoo!" She knew what she wanted. She softly laid down on my chest, she was worn out. Feeling my cock deep in her we just stayed there and I caressed her back softly squeezing her buttocks and my big hands pulled her close to me, our pubic hairs all tangled together. I loved having my cock buried deep in her, she was so fine. I stayed hard, I wanted this time to never end. After a time I asked her. "Hey Darlin' How do you feel about going down to dinner?" She was softly snoring. What a sweetheart. What memories.

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