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Threesome !

by Angelique ?
She has the most beautiful chest, with a 34 DD cup. Every time I see her, she is always wearing a rather tight top, which amplifies the beauty of her roundness. Now, I am very much a heterosexual female. I've tried being with women in a threesome, but didn't much care for it. So, for me to be lusting after my best friend strikes me as unusual. Sometimes, I wonder if she thinks I'm bisexual. She's caught me a few times admiring her tits. But, she has never said anything to me, so either she's ok with it, or she really didn't think anything of it. Her husband, Tom, is not too bad looking, either. He's not the type of guy I'd normally go out with, but still cute in his own way. A few weeks ago, we had the most amazing experience. Saturday nights we get together to watch videos. It's become a ritual for the past 8 months. They brought over a chick flick, which was ok. As we began watching the video, I glanced over at them and found that Gina was sitting on the sofa with her legs spread, and Tom's hand was resting comfortably on her inner thigh. I felt myself getting moist looking at them. They weren't doing anything sexual, but the site of his hand on her thigh was making me hot. Gina caught me staring at them and smiled at me, causing me to grin and turn my attention back to the movie. A few minutes later, I peeked over at them again. This time, to my amazement, Tom's hand was massaging Gina's crotch. Her eyes were shut, and she seemed to be in a trance. Tom's eyes met mine and shot a seductive look at me. Now, this was arousing me even more. I wondered if it was an invitation to join them. Pausing for a few moments, I thought carefully. I didn't want to ruin our friendship by jumping the gun, but I also had lusted after this woman for quite some time, now, too. Looking at Gina spread out on the couch, her tits pointing towards the ceiling, and moaning softly, I simply couldn't resist. I quietly eased my way over to the sofa where they were entertaining themselves. Tom smiled at me and motioned for me to take over. My panties were soaked at this point. I could hardly wait to feel her, to taste her, and to make her cum all over my face. I took my hand and placed it on top of Tom's, matching his strokes perfectly. As he pulled his hand out from underneath mine, I continued stroking Gina gently. Tom moved away and quietly stood up and removed his sweats. Gina began to sway her hips forcing pressure against my hand. She didn't seem to notice that Tom wasn't the one stroking her anymore. If she did, she didn't seem to mind. As Tom came back over to where we were playing, he put his hands on my hips and pulled my leggings down to my knees. His hand moved briskly across my ass, then down my crack to the origin of my moisture. He started fingering my twat as I continued on Gina. Then slowly, I moved my hand to Gina's pants, and began tugging on them in an effort to remove them. Her hips shot up, allowing me to pull them from beneath her. Once they were removed, I stood up and slid from my own pants. Gina spread her legs widely, allowing me to view her juicy snatch. 'God what a great pussy,' I thought to myself. I had to taste it. I shoved my face into her muff and began lapping up the pussy juice flowing from her body. I ran my tongue around her pussy lips, into every crevice, then thrust it into her twat. She shuddered momentarily, which only excited me more. My tongue continued probing her cunt, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She began to moan. Then, I found her erect clit and began flicking my tongue across it. Her moans were sending me through the roof. I had almost forgotten that Tom was even in the room when suddenly I felt his cock bump me from behind. Taking his cock in his hand, he began brushing it along the crease of my ass, moving it lower and lower until my juices oozed onto it. I spread my legs wider, allowing him ample room to moisten his rod. As he continued to lubricate himself, I worked on Gina's clit, taking it into my mouth, sucking on it, then releasing it, causing her body to shake. As my mouth worked on her glistening pussy, I took my hands up to her beautiful breasts. Her shirt eased up with little effort, and I discovered that she hadn't been wearing a bra. My hands tweaked at her nipples, causing her to squeal with the pleasure/pain mixture of sensations. I looked up at her face, noticing by her appearance that she was truly enjoying herself. As Tom continued working my cunt juice on to his cock, he slowly pushed himself within my walls. Inch by inch, he eased himself in to me, causing me to stop working on Gina for a moment. He pulled his meat nearly all the way out, then thrust it inside me as deep as he could. "Ohhhhh," I moaned. God that felt incredible! I knew I had to continue working on Gina, so I took two of my fingers and moistened them with her juices. She was flowing freely now, as I worked them inside her. My mouth resumed its' earlier position on her clit as I sucked gently. Her hips began to buck up as I worked another finger inside her. I could feel her walls contracting softly against my fingers. Tom continued fucking me from behind, his cock filling me completely. Then I removed one finger and as I thrust the two into her cunt, shoved the other one into her tight little ass. She winced, but then relaxed as she enjoyed the double penetration. Her reaction caused me to near my orgasm. Between Gina moaning, and Tom fucking me from behind, I suddenly felt dizzy with excitement. Gina's orgasm began first, her moans turning into screams of pleasure as she punched her cunt down on top of my hand. Tom's cock began its explosion shortly after. I could feel his jism bursting inside my pussy as my climax began. He started fucking me faster, and I began moaning pleasurably. I thrust my ass into his pelvis and felt his cock pulsate the last of his juices deep within me. My climax milked his rod as my head rolled backwards. My body was convulsing when I felt Gina's lips on my tits. She sucked gently as I came down from the high of orgasm. I felt Tom's dick melting inside, as it became limp. My juices mixed with Tom's cum oozed from within me, trickling down my leg. I could hardly move, my body in a state of shock, realizing that my fantasy had come true. Once everyone had come back to a state of normalcy, we sat huddled on the sofa and drank a bottle of wine. I could only hope that we'd continue our sexual relationship together, exploring the depth of each of our own individual sexual desires.

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