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Mark's Fantasy Comes True !

by walkstar ?
Now Mark was the first to admit he did like Kim. She was tall and very pretty. With long dark hair, a figure to die for and legs that went up to heaven. But she was no comparison to Carol. Carol was the love of his life and so sexy it hurt. She had long hair that went from brown to auburn depending on how the light hit it. Her curvy figure drove Mark wild, he loved to suck on her breasts and feel her body next to him when they fucked. He walked towards the bed quietly waiting for his chance to join in. Kim gave a sharp cry and collapsed shuddering in an obvious orgasm. Mark saw his chance. He climbed onto the bed and quickly slid his cock into Carol's now available cunt. She gave a sharp gasp and looked back at him. "Oh god Mark," she gasped as he began to fuck her. He slid in and out with the long deep thrusts he knew she loved. Beneath him he felt Kim running her finger up to rub it against Carol's clit. Mark could tell how close Carol was to cumming and he began to thrust harder into her. She gasped and moaned hard, breathing deeply. Very quickly she rushed towards her orgasm. Mark felt her cunt tighten around his cock and she gave a sharp gasp as the orgasm burst inside her. Mark was so turned on he was nearly cumming himself. But he had just enough time to react. He pulled out of Carol and bent down to push his cock into Kim's mouth. As soon as her lips closed around him he came. Pumping cum into her mouth. She swallowed hard. The three of them rolled off each other onto the bed. It was a few minutes before any of them could speak. It was Mark who spoke first. "How long have you two been fucking each other then?" Carol smiled at him. "Just tonight, and only for you babe." She gasped. Mark's eyebrows rose in question. "I told Kim about your fantasy a while back and she said she'd be up for it. And I knew you liked Kim so we arranged this surprise for you." Mark laughed lightly and lent over to kiss Carol hard on the lips. "So I got the both of you for tonight do I?" Mark asked with a glint in his eyes. The two girls nodded in answer. Mark ran his hands down to their cunts and began to rub at them feeling how wet they both were. "Well you both seemed to have enjoyed yourselves before I got here." He laughed as he pushed his fingers deeper into them. The two women hissed softly as he slid two fingers into each of them. Their cunts were warm and wet and he happily pushed his fingers deep into them. Mark's first dilemma was which of the two to have first. His wife or her work mate. As he fingered them both he considered the problem. After a few minutes he decided that he'd have Kim first. That way he would take longer when he came to fucking his wife. Gently he kissed Kim's cunt getting a scent of her. Using his fingers he pulled open the lips and dipped his tongue inside to taste her. Licking in and getting a good taste. Mark had a shock she tasted different to Carol, tangier compared to Carol's sweetness. It threw him for a second but he forgot it and probed deeper into her cunt with his tongue. Kim hissed and moaned as he licked hard inside her. His hands slid up to cup her breasts squeezing them hard feeling the nipples pushing into his palms. Kim's gasps became louder as he moved his tongue up to her clit licking it. He knew that she was still very aroused, not having come down from the orgasm she'd had as he arrived. So he focused on her clit, wanting to taste her as she came. He licked his tongue all over it. Circling it licking under and over it. Kim writhed on the bed gasping hard. Out of the corner of his eye Mark could see Carol watching them. He licked harder, flicking his tongue rapidly over the hard bud of flesh. With in minutes Kim was crying out as she came. Mark buried his face in her cunt pushing his tongue inside to taste her as she came. Kim grabbed his hair pulling him up towards her. "God fuck me, please!" She gasped kissing him hard. Mark was happy to oblige and quickly guided his hard cock into her deep cunt. Kim groaned loudly as he thrust into her deeply. Mark gasped feeling how tight and wet she was. He pulled out and thrust back in just as hard. Kim gave a high-pitched squeal and clung to him hard. Mark lent down to lick her hard nipples as he rammed in and out of her. She reached back to grip the bed head arching her body with the depths of her feelings. By now Kim was crying out hard and loudly. Mark was gasping hard fucking her just as hard. He gripped her ramming his cock in and out of her body. It took Kim just a few minutes to cum again squealing and screaming at the power of her orgasm. This just urged Mark on. He reached down to pull her legs up higher almost lifting her ass off the bed. Then he began to ram in as hard and fast as he could making her whole body shake with each thrust. Kim gasped and cried out as he fucked her hard. He was close to cumming himself but fought to hold on wanting to fuck her for as long as he could. Kim arched her head back screaming out her pleasure as without warning another orgasm burst through her. As Mark felt her cunt tighten around his cock he lost control. With a deep grunt he thrust right into her as his cum exploded out into her body. Kim gasped and shuddered as he pumped his cum into her. Mark collapsed onto her as she sank down on the bed both of them gasping for breath. Carol rolled over and gave first Kim then Mark a deep kiss. Mark pushed her onto her back rolling on top of her as they kissed. His hands ran over her body feeling it in the way he knew she liked. Squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Carol gave a soft moan and kissed him harder. Mark moved down her to kiss her breasts licking the hard nipples and sucking softly on them. He felt Carol shifting and moaning softly. He moved lower kissing her body as he did until he reached her cunt. He stopped a second to look at her and seeing the familiar look of lust in her eyes sank down into the folds of flesh before him. He slid his tongue deep into her, tasting the familiar sweetness of her. Carol gave a deep moan as he licked his tongue as deep in her as he could. Then she gasped as he flicked his tongue up over her hard clit. The gasp became a moan as he focused on that small bud of flesh. Licking it hard, running his tongue over it and around it in the manner he knew she loved. His hands ran up to her breasts kneading them and rubbing her nipples. He could feel how close she was to cumming. He pushed his face down onto her cunt licking hard at her clit. Carol was breathing hard her body rolling and writhing as her orgasm built up in her. Then Mark felt her body explode. She shuddered as she came arching her back and gasping hard. Mark quickly moved up her and thrust his cock inside her before she had finished cumming. Carol gasped as he began to fuck her slowly, thrusting deep inside her. He felt her legs slide around him and her pussy taking him in deep. Slowly he began to speed up thrusting faster in her. The two of them kissed hard as they fucked. Carol raising up to him her nails dragging down his back He thrust in and out harder and faster, Carol gasping hard as she felt him ramming into her. Mark felt her breath on his neck and kissing his neck hard. He knew from experience that she was near to cumming again. He lent down and sucked hard on her one breast. The sensation was enough to make her cum. Gasping hard she clung to him as her orgasm swept through her. "Oh God girl I'm gonna cum," Mark gasped this Kim seemed to ignore him sucking hard on his cock. He gripped her head tight and began to thrust into her mouth. Instead of pulling away Kim sat still letting him fuck her mouth sucking hard on him. Mark held her head still. His fingers tangled in her hair as he fucked her mouth sliding his cock deep into her throat. Kim gave a soft squeal as his cock rammed down her throat but did nothing to stop him. She sat on her heals letting him fuck her mouth. Mark gasped hard feeling his orgasm building. Kim knelt her hands on her thighs sucking hard on him. Finally Mark groaned hard as he came. Holding her head still he push his cock deep in her throat and pumped his cum into her. Mark released Kim who sank back to lie against the bed licking her lips and breathing heavily. Mark staggered back against the doorframe smiling. "So we going to do this again soon?" He asked Kim and Carol looked at each other laughed and nodded. "Oh yes!" They both said in unison.

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