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Satisfying Holly !

by Charlie The Texan ?
My opportunity came when Holly began to beg me to buy her a new car. She pleaded with me until finally she told me she'd do anything I wanted if I would just get her the car. This was my chance, I made her a deal, if she would be my unconditional sex slave for 24 hours I would buy it for her. I told her I would be her master and she would have to obey my orders completely. Holly agreed telling me I couldn't possibly make her do anything that wouldn't be worth it. If she had known what I had in mind she might have thought differently! We agreed that starting Saturday at 6PM she be my total sex slave. To get her ready for what I had planned I didn't fuck her for four days before got started. I also made some other plans and was ready as the time grew near for her slavery to begin. Saturday came and I sat there in the living room waiting for 6PM, ready to take total control of my super sexy wife. At the stroke of 6PM I called to Holly. "Slave get in here your master has needs." She entered the room and stood before her lord and master ready to serve me. "Take off those rags I want you naked" I commanded Holly. She quickly removed all her clothes reviling her luscious naked body to me. No matter how often I see her hot body it never fails to arouse me. Her big sexy breasts and hot pussy were mine to command and that sense of power made me very horny. "Get on you knees and crawl over here and suck my dick bitch," I ordered Holly as I opened my pants setting free my rock hard cock. "Use only your mouth and don't touch yourself I don't want you making yourself cum, only I get to cum, my little slave." Holly crawled to me, her big tits swaying wonderfully as she took my hard dick into her sweet mouth, sucking and licking it as best she could without her hands. The feeling of her soft lips and warm tongue on my rock hard cock was fantastic making me lose all control of my lust to cum in her mouth. I could tell her was becoming wildly aroused as her naked body squirmed around while she gave me the best blow job I ever had. I reached down to Holly's dangling big tits with both hands, squeezing and pulling them as hard as I could just before my throbbing cock finally erupted into her sweet sexy mouth filling it with a huge load of red hot cum. "Swallow it all, I want all of it inside my sex slave," I demanded of my beautiful wife as she knelt before me with my pulsing cock in her mouth. "Are you turned on baby, I'll bet you'd like to cum wouldn't you." "Yes master I'm very hot may I please cum?" Holly implored looking up at me with her lust filled big blue eyes, needing relief for the fire of sexual arousal that was building up deep inside her cunt. "Hell no slave you are not going to cum until I'm ready, so stand up and put these on," I said tossing her a see through white bra and matching panties. "It's time for you to get dressed we're going out now." Holly looked at the flimsy garments, then put them on. The bra was only too small (a 34C) making the band very tight forcing her tits to stick out and stretch the too small transparent cups to there limits. The bra and panties were so thin that her big pink nipples and blonde pubic hair showed plainly through them. "What else do you want me to wear master," Holly asked as she looked at her sexy exposed body in the mirror. "Nothing slave I want everybody to see your wonderful breasts and hot wet cunt," I told Holly as I admired the slutty look the flimsy garments gave her over sexed body. "Now bring me my duffel bag and the video camera case. I need the extra clothes I put in there for me, we'll be gone overnight. You won't need any other clothes cause you'll be naked most of the time." Holly brought the two bags and stopped at the door. "Go on out slut, your going to be seen by everybody I wish to see you," I ordered. She went out to the car, quickly tossed the bags in as she slipped into the passenger seat. I climbed in, reached over to the crotch of Holly's transparent white panties and rubbed the thin material into her wet pussy making it noticeably damp. "There now everyone can see what a horny little slut you are, and where we're going they'll lots of men to see you," I laughed as we drove to the Big Town Motel. The Big Town Motel was a run down place where lots of truck drivers and other transients stayed. We pulled up right in front of the place so anyone coming or going would be sure to see Holly's semi-naked body sitting there in the car. I got us a room on the third floor and we went to the outside elevator. Holly was very uncomfortable standing there waiting for the elevator with her tits and pussy showing. Several men saw her and some came over to ride the elevator up with us. "Is she with you buddy," one rough looking trucker asked me as ran his eyes up and down Holly's hot body. "No she's not with me, she belongs to me," I told all the men gathered around staring hot eyed at Holly's sexy exposed body. "What'd you mean she belongs to you man," he replied reaching down and copping a feel of Holly's barley covered firm little ass. She tried to move away from him but the other men crowded around her, starring at her body. One of the hard looking truckers fondled one of her large thinly covered breasts and said, "If she belongs to you how about sharing the big titted slut with us." "Sounds like good idea to me, Holly tell these guys that if I order you to you'll suck and fuck all of them." I bragged as I ran my hand over her wet panties. "I do everything my master tells me, if he wants me to fuck and suck you all that's what I'll do," Holly replied as the men around her continued to groped all her thinly clad body. "You guys come up to room 369 in 30 minutes and you can gang bang my big titted sex slave all night long," I told the hard dicked truckers mauling my wife's fabulous sexy body. "Bring some booze and we'll have a real party with this little slut." Several of the horny looking men rode up the elevator with us and had a fine time playing roughly with all Holly's ample sexual assets. They squeezed and rubbed every inch of her body as they crowded against my slutty looking little wife and made all kinds of pornographic comments about what they were going to do to her all night long. We went into the room and as I hurried to setup the hidden camera Holly asked nervously, "I'm I really going to be fucked by all those horny men, Charlie, there are some many of them, they'll fuck me to death." "Don't worry baby this won't wear out," I told Holly, as I rubbed her pussy though her panties feeling the heat and wetness of her sexual arousal. "Your pussy's so wet and horny that I'll bet when they finish fucking it, you'll still be begging for more.
to be continued >>>>

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