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Me, My Boss, and His Wife !

by SpiderG13 ?
Following a company dinner, Eddie, Lynn, and I are sitting at the bar having a couple of drinks. Lynn and I are drinking pretty heavily, but Eddie mostly seems to be nursing his beer and listening to our conversation. As most drunken conversations do, the talk turns to sex. We are discussing the most interesting places we?ve done it when Lynn and I decide to have a smoke. The restaurant is smoke-free, so we step outside for a quick cigarette while Eddie holds our places at the bar. When we get outside, Lynn continues our conversation as though we hadn?t even paused. She asks, ?OK, so I know the best places you?ve done it, but how about the best partner you?ve ever had?? I pause in thought, running through my experiences in my mind. Before I can respond, she says, ?No, make it two best partners, best male and best female.? I glance at her, and the look on my face must have told part of my answer. ?Oooohhh! You mean you never experimented?? Her tone was one of disbelief. ?Didn?t you ever want to?? ?Not until recently.? The words come out of my mouth almost before I think them. ?Hmmm,? she says, licking her lips suggestively, ?maybe you should.? Lynn drops her cigarette to the ground and stubs it out with the toe of her shoe. Then she reaches across and gently tweaks my nipple with two fingers. ?Maybe you should.? Lynn turns and heads back into the restaurant. After a moment?s hesitation, I follow. I feel slightly uncomfortable about her touch, but more than that, I feel excited. When I reach the bar, I find Lynn and Eddie gathering up their things to leave. Disappointed, I grab my purse and start to look for my keys. Lynn places her hand on my arm. ?You know, maybe you shouldn?t drive. Eddie hasn?t had much to drink, he can drive.? I think about how I?ll retrieve my car, but I decide to worry about it later. At that moment, my brain is too fuzzy from the alcohol and Lynn?s proximity. I follow Lynn and Eddie out of the restaurant to their car. Eddie holds the back door open for me, and when I get in, I realize that Lynn is entering the back seat from the opposite side. ?I?ll sit back here and keep you company,? she says. I settle back into the seat as Lynn sits beside me, at an angle so that she?s nearly facing me. Eddie starts the car and heads out of the parking lot. Lynn looks at me intently as she places her hand on my leg and drags her fingers up my thigh. I gaze back at her, nervous, but hoping she wouldn?t stop, hoping that she would go farther. Almost as if she can read my mind, Lynn moves her hand up further, pushing my skirt up as she goes. She whispers, ?Unbutton your top.? I reach up and slowly release the buttons of my blouse. ?Mmmm,? she says, nuzzling the swell of my breast at the top of my bra with her cheek, ?now show me your tits.? I drag the lace of my bra down to reveal my nipples. They?re already taut, straining for contact. Lynn turns her head so I can feel her hot breath on the tight tips, making them even tighter. She put her mouth around one rosy bud, moistening it before she sucks gently. A wave of heat flows directly from my breast to my groin, making me squirm slightly in my seat. Over the top of Lynn?s head, I see Eddie readjust the mirror for a better view. He catches my eye in the reflection and winks at me. He?s enjoying this as much as I am. Lynn laps at my nipple, rolling her tongue around the hard pebble as though it were a lollipop, while Eddie watches in the mirror. Lynn raises her head slightly and looks at me; I feel my face flush. She kisses me, darting her little pink tongue into my mouth. I close my lips around it and suck, hoping to give her at least part of what I am feeling. I feel her hand easing its way up my skirt, closer and closer to my crotch. Brazenly, I push my hips forward and part my legs to give her better access. Her knuckles rub against my panties. I?m sure she can feel my wetness through the thin cloth. She cups my pubic mound, and I gasp when the heel of her hand grinds lightly against my clit. After a moment, Lynn pulls back from me and pushes my skirt up to show my black lace panties. She tugs at the waistband, trying to pull them down. I slip off my shoes and raise my butt slightly to help. Lynn slides my panties down my legs, bending to take them over my feet and biting my thigh softly in the process. The car stops then, and I look up, surprised to see that we?re not at my house, but in Eddie and Lynn?s driveway. Eddie looks in the mirror at me, and says, ?We thought you might like to stop here for awhile before you go home.? Lynn smiles and hands my panties to Eddie over the seat. ?Come on,? she says to me, as she opens the car door. Slightly flustered, a little nervous, and a lot horny, I follow Lynn into the house. She doesn?t turn on any lights as she walks through, but grabs my hand so I don?t get lost. When she does turn on a table lamp, I find myself in their bedroom. Lynn kicks off her shoes and tells me to have a seat. I sit on the edge of the bed, suddenly aware of my bare rump and open blouse. Lynn stands in front of me and removes her dress. She?s wearing a sheer red bra and thong under it, and I can clearly see her nipples and pubic hair through the material. She moves closer to me, reaching out to thread her fingers through my hair, bringing my head closer to her chest. She presses my mouth against her breast, and I open my lips and suck her through the thin fabric. While I?m enjoying my first taste of female skin, she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra, pulling it out of the way so I can lick at her nipple. I feel clumsy, unsure of what I?m doing, so I nibble at her breast, knowing that I like it when that?s done to me. I hear her indrawn breath when my teeth scrape against her nipple, and I raise my head, hoping that the sound was one of pleasure. Lynn looks down at me, and I can see heat in her eyes. Knowing now that she was enjoying my actions, I try to lower my mouth back to her slightly reddened nipple, but she stops me and pushes me back on the bed. Lynn?s moans are getting louder and more frequent when I feel rough fingers caress my bare ass. I feel Eddie?s hands grasp my hips and pull me up onto my knees. I raise my ass into the air and part my legs, still frantically licking and rubbing Lynn?s pussy. Eddie?s hard cock pushes between my thighs and he thrusts into my wet cunt, burying himself inside me. He starts pounding in and out, his dick so long and hard I can feel the head bump my cervix with each thrust. I put my fingers in Lynn?s cunt, fucking her hard and fast while Eddie does the same to me. I can feel my orgasm building rapidly, so I suck hard on Lynn?s clit, willing her to come with me. Just as Lynn?s hot flesh begins to clench around my hand, I feel my own orgasm start. I buck against Eddie, trying to force him even deeper inside. My own spasms seem to go on forever, and I can feel Lynn?s wetness flowing over my hand and hear her moans the whole time. When the waves of pleasure start to subside, I feel Eddie pull out of me and take my place between Lynn?s legs. He shoves his dick into her glistening pussy, fucking her quickly, while I watch his length slide in and out. I move and place myself next to Lynn, caressing her breasts with my mouth and hands, while I watch Eddie fuck her. Soon, Lynn comes again, and this time Eddie joins her, shooting deep inside her with a growl. That?s where my fantasy ends. Sometimes I vary the location, or the sequence of events, or sometimes my husband plays a role. I don?t know if I would ever go through with it . . . but I think I would like to try it ? at least once.

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