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Sleeping Beauty .

by Bob Alpha ?
The party quickly reduced itself to myself and four of my old high-school buddies. We sat around talking about past girlfriends and comparing notes. Who had the best breasts in high-school? Who had the tightest ass? Who had the nicest legs? To my amazement, my wife placed #1 in several of the categories. Standing about 5' 8", softly curled waist length blonde hair, her light blue eyes the color of a tropical sea. Her deep tan was kept year round, apparent when she would dress for the beach and expose her ass in a thong bikini. Her tan lines were perfect. Her breasts were perky, with pink, puffy nipples that would leave nickel-sized protrusions sticking out of her bathing suit. Her nipples were always hard. And she liked to show her tits off by wearing tight blouses with no bra. Thin, white t-shirts were her preference, as you could see not only the puffiness sticking out, but often could pick out the outline of her darkened nipples. She loved to tease men. I wasn't complaining. Hormones oozed from our man-group as our conversation delved deeper into the erotic. We began talking about my wife. None of them had ever been with her, so they were interested in hearing every detail about our lovemaking. Ever more excited, I decided to check in on my wife. Stepping through the bedroom door I could see laying on the bed a vision of perfection. Bathed in candlelight, Caprice lay face up on the bed wearing nothing but the silk negligee that I had bought her for her birthday. Looking at her I could see the translucent white fabric caressing her breasts in a gentle flow of intoxication. Beneath the gown her beautiful puffy nipples stood erect, the visible outline of her breasts stood white amidst the tan of her abdomen. She was emitting a sweet womanly smell in this region. Thoughts dashed through my head as I took in the splendor before me. I wondered if she was awake long enough to hear our stories of delight from the other room. I opened my mouth and slowly, delicately, touched the tip of my tongue to her smooth pussy lips. No movement. Slowly I traveled the full length of her two inch-long opening with my tongue. Caprice was passed out. At this moment my thoughts shifted to my friends in the other room. I had an erotic desire for them to see, in the flesh, what they had lusted for. I wanted them to feel her soft flesh. To taste her salty juices. To satisfy every urge with her. To fuck her. I returned to the front room and without a word invited my male counterparts to the bedroom. One at a time, all four men entered the room. Standing in awe at this sight, and without word, I began to undress. Gazing at each of my friends, there was an unspoken message, a sort of communication that took place and they too, shed their clothes. Raising my hand to my mouth I moistened my palm and began to masturbate. Flickering light danced about the room as each man engaged in sultry self-gratification while they absorbed the sheer beauty before them. One by one, I allowed them to touch her. She lay motionless. I watched as each man took turns between my wife's legs tasting her juices and exploring the depths of her womanness. She was so tight, a single digit was all she would permit within her love hole. Still no response from Caprice. I knew what was to happen next. Could I avoid it? Did I want to? Emotions were mixed as I initiated the next move in this game of love, which would ultimately lead to one of the greatest sexual experiences of my life. I grabbed my best friend, my best man, and moved him to the foot of the bed. Kneeling naked over my wife, and looking at me for approval, he placed his meaty cock on the wet folds of Caprices' pussy. I nodded indicating my approval of his upcoming action. Holding my wife's legs apart with her knees placed near her head and his eyes affixed on me, Brian slowly pressed the head of his cock into my wife. A brief pause as he gazed around the room to find every man staring in disbelief at what was happening. My wife was being fucked by my best friend. Her body still motionless, the circle of friends shifts to the left. We are gang fucking my wife! A new man is in position. My god Mark's cock is huge. It must be 12" long and as big around as a beer can. I wondered if this thing will hurt her, and at the same time am wildly excited at the thought of my wife's cunt stretched to capacity, yielding to this wonderment of manliness. Was she aware of what was happening? Should I be allowing this? Past the point of no return, I watched as Mark navigated his massive black member into position. Utilizing the semen that was left over from the prior assault, he lubricates his tremendous shaft. Then he turns Caprice over. No I thought. He wasn't about to...he couldn't. Caprice was face down now. No movement. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, her tan lobes of flesh held captive in his hands, a white line from her thong bikini creating an arrow pointing down to the round opening below, Mark inserts his index finger into her beckoning asshole. Slowly, he stretches her anal muscle by pulling his finger from side to side. In and out of her butt his finger glides preparing the area for what is about to come. A moment later and satisfied, he drops some saliva from his mouth into her anal orifice. Mark positions his cock at the opening of her ass. Pressing forward, ever so slowly, with a noticeable "pop" the crown of his massive black cock disappears into the fleshy abyss. Cum showers down from above as Adam releases his load all over Caprice. He had been mouth fucking Caprice. Her back, now covered in cum, glistens in the candlelight. Harder and harder my wife's ass is reamed. Twelve inches of cock being buried into her tight butt hole. My unit quickly becomes hard again at the sight of my best friends fucking my lovely wife. I continue to stroke. The smell of flowers in the room that was so prominent before gives way to the sweet, salty aroma of cum as love juices intermittently stream from the party of men. Mark with his massive cock lies atop Caprice and rolls her over. Still no sign of movement from the human love doll. Now beneath her, his big, black cock fully seated in her ass, Caprice's legs spread apart to reveal a slightly reddened pussy, the final act of love begins. What happened next was disturbing. Bob, the last man to get his chance with Caprice moves into place. Pinching her pussy lips between thumb and forefinger he spreads her vulva apart. You can see the visible bulge from Mark's massive cock just on the other side of the thin membrane separating her ass from her cunt. The final conquest begins as Bob presses into my wife, feeling the movement from the other cock sharing his joy. Caprices body, wet in semen undulates in the human love sandwich. I kneel beside the trio with cock in hand, watching for signs of movement from my wife. Still passed out. Both men continue pounding her flesh incessantly. Faster, harder they go in unbridled passion. Bob quickly stands on the bed, removes his cock, grabs Caprice by the hips and forces her down deep on Mark's cock below. The semen dripping from her now gaping pussy hole indicates that Bob had contributed nicely to the mixture of bodily fluids within her. My cock, harder than ever before, is next to perform. It glides effortlessly into her cunt. Unobstructed by the now flaccid cock taking up residence in Caprices' ass, I fuck her like you read about. Slamming into her with such force as to move my trio up into the headboard above, I can feel the spastic pulsating from my cock neighbor. In and out I glide, ever widening expanses of flesh as the cock beyond begins to retract. I had just shared my most prized possession, my wife, with my friends. Her cunt was filled with their come. We stared at her for a few moments reflecting on what had just occurred. Her body still motionless lay in a pool of semen, her pussy and ass hole left wide open from the assault now complete. What would I tell her? How would she react? How would I explain her soreness that she would inevitably feel tomorrow from being gang fucked? We picked her up and carried her to bathroom. We took turns cleansing her and probing her depths one last time. I changed the bed sheets and we carried her gently back to the bedroom. We tucked her in and each friend gave her a kiss. After bidding farewell to the boys, I returned to the bedroom. Slipping between the sheets I gave my wife a final kiss. "Thank-you" she muttered as I lay beside her. These, the only words from her lips, and nothing more. Next years' birthday is sure to be a treat.

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