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Mike and Christy !

by jacqui4u2 ?
Christy started the conversation by asking me what my thoughts were so far. I answered by asking Mike and her what their thoughts were first. Mike replied that the only way to know for sure was to try it and he was ready. Christy said she agreed but wanted me to understand that she was ready to move forward if I was comfortable. I told them that I was attracted to them but was a little concerned about jumping into sex right away. Christy told me that she understood and they were willing to move at my pace but reiterated that they would respect any limits I wanted to impose. She then suggested that maybe we should all go back to their place and spend some more time getting to know each other and see what happens. I agreed. We got back to their apartment and Mike put on some music and got us a drink. Christy suggested we each talk about what we would want from each other if we had sex. She volunteered to start. She said that she was bisexual and wanted to fully share me with Mike. She said she wanted to have sex with me; just the two of us and she also wanted Mike and I to be together. Mike agreed and said he would like to watch Christy and me together if that was alright because he found that a big turn-on. I told them that what they had described seemed fine with me. Christy looked at me and said, ?Why don?t we go to the bedroom and see what happens?? I looked at them and nodded yes. Christy told Mike that he needed to give us a few minutes to get ready and then he should join us. We headed into the bedroom. When we got into the room, Christy turned to me and put her arms around me. She kissed me gently and told me how happy she was that things had worked out. We kissed some more and began caressing each other. Before I knew it, I heard Mike enter the room behind me. Christy and I are still kissing and we are running our hands over each other?s bodies. Christy?s hands are under my sweater and caressing me through my bra. I break our kiss and remove my sweater. I unbutton her shirt and remove it. Christy is not wearing a bra so I remove mine. She leans forward and takes a nipple into her mouth. I see that Mike is sitting on the bed watching us. I smile at him and then refocus on Christy. She has moved to my other breast after sucking my first breast hard. As she begins to suck on my other breast, her thumb and forefinger gently begin tugging on my hard nipple. I feel my pussy moistening. I grab Christy and suggest we undress and move to the bed. We help each other out of out clothes leaving only our panties on. Christy is wearing a blue bikini that looks cute on her. I am wearing a white thong. We kneel together, facing each other on the bed. I begin caressing her breasts. Christy reaches her hands down to my panties and feels my wetness. She exclaims to Mike that I am shaved. Christy begins stripping off my panties as Mike leans forward to see my shaved crotch. I help Christy remove my thong and then lean back to give Mike and Christy a good view. Mike tells me that I look very sexy and tells me he has asked Christy to shave on a number of occasions. Christy tells me that she feels being fully shaved requires a lot of work. I assure her that the effort is not that bad and I really like the look and feel and that all my lovers have commented that it looks and feels great. Christy pushes me onto my back and tells me she want to feel me for herself. I gladly tell her to try. She lowers her face to my pussy and begins gently licking me. She slowly uses her tongue to part my aroused outer lips. I can quickly tell that she is really good at this and quickly become really turned on. Christy sucks my clit into her mouth and pulls it between her teeth. At the same time she is running her tongue along the exposed length. I moan. I don?t want to come so quickly so after a few more minutes, I push Christy away. She asks me if anything is wrong and I tell her I want to delay my orgasm. I tell her to lie down so I can return the favor. Mike asks when he will be allowed to join. Both of us look at him and see that he has removed his clothes and has a raging hard on. Christy tells him to come over by her and she will see what she can do while I lick her. I move between her spread legs and run a finger the length of her slit. I gently part her lips and slide a finger into her. Christy is wet and I begin sliding my finger in and out of her. I watch Mike move over to Christy. They kiss and then Mike offers her his penis. Christy turns her head and begins sucking on the tip of her penis. I watch Christy suck Mike as I continue fingering her. Watching them arouses me. As I lean forward to take her clit between my lips, I move a hand down to my clit and begin rubbing it. I begin running my tongue from her clit to her opening meeting my thrusting finger. I taste her juices. My fingers are soaked and I can feel Christy tightening her vagina as I thrust my fingers into her. I run my tongue in circles around Christy?s clit as I watch her suck Mike. I am nearing an orgasm with my hand and once again decide to delay my release. I take the finger that was rubbing my slit and use it to slide into Christy?s tight ass. She moans around Mike?s penis. She begins to ride my tongue as her orgasm nears. Mike moans that he is coming as he thrusts into Christy?s mouth. I watch as she swallows his orgasm. I watch as she continues to suck him. Before Mike?s orgasm completes, Christy removes her mouth from around him and begins her orgasm. As I feel Christy begin to orgasm, I suck her clit into my mouth and continue to thrust my fingers into her pussy and ass. I feel her waves of orgasm as spasms in her pussy and ass. I watch the pleasure reflect on her face as she moans. Mike has ejaculated his final spurt on her neck but she is oblivious as she comes. When her orgasm completes, I remove my fingers from her ass and pussy. Christy is oblivious to everything. I ask Mike to lick me so I can join them in bliss. I lie down next to Christy as Mike moves between my legs. I am totally aroused and it will not take long for me to come. Mike sucks my hard clit into his mouth and slides two fingers into my pussy. Before long, the waves of pleasure overcome me and I begin my orgasm.
to be continued >>>>

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