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Happy New Year !

by Mr. Cautious ?
It started last year with an invitation to a New Year's party hosted by my wife's boss. My wife, Joslyn, is a paralegal at a prestigious law firm here in Miami. Joslyn is a tall redhead, 5' 9", and has retained her shapely figure even after 15 years of marriage and two kids. Joslyn's boss is a gorgeous but icy beauty named Eleanor who has a reputation as one of the toughest divorce attorneys in town. She must be tough because she has gone through three husbands and gotten rich in the process. I've often wondered what kind of woman really was underneath her ice queen demeanor, store-bought but spectacular breasts and long legs. I even began to visualize myself seducing her, breaking down her coldness in the process. In fact, I had begun to fantasize more and more about other women as Joslyn and I seemed to have sex only once in a blue moon. Lately, Joslyn seemed to need to work late almost every night of the week, leaving little time for intimacy. She would come in at 11 or 12 at night, hair mussed, wearing smeared make-up and go immediately to sleep with no explanation for her late hours other than "working on a case". As the party date approached I felt less and less enthusiastic about spending New Year's eve with a frigid wife and a bunch of stuffed-shirt attorneys. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The party went along as expected, full of dull, repetitive legal talk, until many of the guests began to leave at about one a.m. I looked to Joslyn to see whether she was also ready to go when I heard a voice behind me say, "Why don't you two stay for the party after the party? I'm sure you will find it interesting." I turned to face Eleanor, the ice queen herself, who shocked the hell out of me by grazing her hand over my crotch as she walked by. I turned to Joslyn with a quizzical look that was greeted by a coy smile. What's going on here, I wondered? My question was soon to be answered as the remaining guests, about 15 in all, were summoned into the game room at Eleanor's mansion and told to take a seat at the long table that occupied most of the room. Something was up here, I thought, as the rest of the guests (including Joslyn!) seemed right at home with the strange proceedings. Joslyn shushed my questions as she and I were the last ones to enter the room and be seated. With the lights down so dim, I couldn't recognize anyone except the ice queen who stood at the end of the long table. When we were seated and a carafe of wine was passed around Eleanor spoke to us stating, "We have a new addition to our group tonight. For those of you that haven't met him, say hello to Joslyn's hubby Bill". All the attention in the room was on me. "What the hell...?, I said to Joslyn who silenced me again, this time with a quick poke in the ribs. As I looked around the table and my eyes adjusted to the light, I began to inventory the guests. Across from me I saw Rick Turner, the law office's resident playboy whose exploits were well known. Next to him was Amanda Somebody-or-Other, another paralegal in her early fifties whose bleached-blond hair was almost white and was waist length. It seems this was an equal-opportunity party as several black men and women were sprinkled among the guests at the table. On the other side of Rick was one of the firm's tax attorneys, Sherry Adams, who had caramel-colored skin to go with her Bahamian accent. Alongside Sherry was her husband Reggie who was rumored to have a cock long enough to make him porn movie material. Before I could identify anyone else, Eleanor asked all the women to stand up and take off their clothes. To my total surprise, the women, including Joslyn, complied as if this were an everyday request. Eleanor handed each woman a gift-wrapped package telling them it was their 'uniform' for the rest of the night. I could feel my erection begin to grow as each one opened their package and tried on their surprise. Each woman was soon dressed in a teddy with g-string, garter belts and fishnet stockings. Each outfit was identical except for the color. Joslyn looked dynamic in a green outfit that showed nothing to leave to the imagination. Amanda had on a totally black teddy that was a stunning contrast to her snow-white hair while Sherry sported a solid white outfit that made her ebony skin look more delicious. The only woman not in a teddy was Eleanor. She was wearing the skin-tight evening gown she had on all evening. My mind began to wonder just what lurked beneath the expensive dress and jewelry. When the women were dressed (or undressed if you prefer) Eleanor told them to leave the room and "go back to the bedrooms in the back of the house like we agreed before". Sooo, this had been planned all along and I seemed to be the only one not in on the planning. When whatever was about to unfold was over, Joslyn had some explaining to do about her recent long hours and mystery whereabouts. As the women left the room Eleanor addressed the men at the table. "Well studs," she said, "all of you except Bill know the rules of the game. Let's take a moment and explain them to him." Eleanor proceeded to tell me that the men at the table would draw names to see which bedroom they would go to. Each room contained at least one of the women from the party and that woman would be the man's sex partner for one hour. At the end of the hour the men would stay in the rooms and the women would have their choice of sex partners. As Eleanor passed around a bowl with slips of paper in it my mind wandered, wondering which of the women at the table I would end up fucking. I didn't have long to wait; on my slip of paper was written simply 'the master bedroom'. As I opened the double doors to the master bedroom I was greeted with the sight of a canopied, four poster bed. A closer look showed me that the bed was empty. Had I been shortchanged? Was this just a joke to get my dick hard? I walked over to the bed and looked around the room. My reflection in a wall-size mirror was the only thing I could see. Just then, from the closet I heard two voices yell out "Surprise!" in unison.
to be continued >>>>

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