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Waiting Too Long !

I have a Catholic girlfriend and she gives the best blowjobs in the world, but she's against having sex before marriage. I tried everything to convince her to let me fuck her, but nothing worked. I even begged her to let me do her in the ass (that way she could still retain her virginity), but she wouldn't do that either. To be honest, I started to go a little nuts after we'd been dating for six months. I finally decided I'd have to cheat on her. I didn't want to break up with her, she's a good girlfriend, I just really needed to get laid. I started surfing the Net to find a chick I could fuck without Melissa finding out. At first I wasn't seriously looking, I know it's wrong to cheat and I was really just curious, but when Melissa went on a vacation with her folks for three weeks I ended up making a date with a hot brunette. I tried my best to be faithful, but without even getting regular blowjobs, there was just no chance. My new Internet friend's name was Rachel and she was incredible. She was also an experienced slut. We exchanged messages for a few days before getting into a steamy private chat and from there we set a time and a place to meet in person. The night before I whacked off two times thinking about how it would feel to finally sink my cock into a tight pussy after being with Melissa for so long. Despite the exceptionally hot chat we had on the Net, my date with Rachel started out pretty mild. First we met at a restaurant and then went back to her place to watch a movie. She actually laughed when I suggested getting a porno, and instead we went to a regular video place and rented a chick flick. I was bored by the movie, but sitting close to Rachel had my cock rock hard and we held each other very close. As the movie progressed I knew I had to do something to turn the heat up and I started by moving her hand to the inside of my leg. I did it casually, like it was just done to be comfortable. It didn’t take too long for her to discover my rock hard cock confined by my jeans and she started massaging it through the fabric, teasing me. I responded by fondling her nipples and placing my hand under her dress to feel the warmth of her pussy. We kissed and then abandoned the movie, leaving a trail of clothes as we made our way to the bedroom. When we got to her bed I made her lie back and I probed her pussy with my tongue until she came. I made sure to lick every inch of her clit while I inched my index finger into her hot hole. She loved it, and for me it was almost a religious experience since Melissa wouldn't even let me finger her there. I swear my cock was harder than it's ever been as I worshiped her pussy until she came. When her orgasm subsided she told me she wanted to suck my cock, but I had other things on my mind. I helped her turn over so she was on all fours and then I got behind her. She had a perfect ass and when she figured out what I wanted she arched her back and waited for me to slide my cock in her. Waiting Too Long It was everything I had dreamed about. Her cunt was really wet after her orgasm and with one long thrust her pussy opened up to me and she let out a low moan when I hit bottom. I held her there for a bit, balls deep, and then I grabbed her hips and pounded my manhood into her as fast and as hard as I could. It was so warm and tight I wasn't able to fuck her very long before pulling out and coming all over her ass, but I didn't lose my erection for very long. After I came she insisted on cleaning me off with her mouth and a few licks on the underside of my shaft had me hard again. All I could think of while I watched her lick my come was, "this girl is fucking wild." I playfully pushed her on her back and told her I wasn't finished. She smiled and opened her legs really wide, inviting me to come and get what I wanted. I got on top, missionary style, and we returned to our fevered fucking while she wrapped her legs around me trying to get it as deep as possible. Our tummies slapped as she gyrated her hips, but we didn‘t care. When I felt my second orgasm coming on I pulled out, intending to cover her tits with my jizz, but she sat up and tried to get me to come in her mouth. She wasn't quite fast enough, my first cumshot landed on her neck, but the rest splashed on her lips and tongue. We showered together after that and I spent the night. I did her all over again in the morning, starting out with a slow fuck while we were both half asleep and ending with a marathon screw I'm sure must have made her sore. I know I was. My cock has never had such an awesome workout. When I left I told her we would have to do this again sometime and she said it would be nice- but she wasn't sure when she would be able to because her husband wasn't going to be on another business trip for awhile. I didn't even know she was married, and she didn‘t look old enough! I told her to let me know, but we've haven't gotten together since. Melissa never suspected a thing, but I felt a little guilty when she returned from her vacation and said the time apart had made her think about our relationship and reconsider saving herself for marriage. Taking her virginity was sweet. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better if I hadn't cheated, but I'm not sure. I was so messed up from not getting any pussy I probably wouldn't have been able to control myself and fucked her super hard (just like I'd done to Rachel), spoiling the experience for her. As it was I took my time and made Melissa's first fuck very slow and gentle. I think things turned out okay, now all I have to do is keep from cheating on her again. It's not going to be easy.

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