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Menage-a-Mois !

by Xanaduvian ?
He ordered her a cold white wine. She noticed that he had a whiskey on the rocks that he had been nursing. She took a closer look at him, and saw that, just as he had told her, he was a nice looking 46 year-old white man, with a full head of medium length brown hair and green eyes. She could tell when he was standing that he was about six feet tall. His shoulders almost looked too broad for his size 44 jacket. She saw he was wearing a watch and no other jewelry. His nails were clean, cut short, and he smelled faintly of Royal Copenhagen cologne. He hadn't been drinking much; he said he didn't, and besides, he wanted his head clear for what was to come. They made small talk--the weather, vacations, etc. She noticed that his hand had found her leg and was gently rubbing her thigh through her dress. It felt nice, and she began to wonder what it would feel like to have him lying over her, kissing her, with his hard, seven inch cock in her fully. Her wine had arrived, and she took her mind off this pleasant subject while she took a sip. She looked up to catch her husband's eyes watching them. He was intrigued, half-smiling, and she could tell he was aroused. She saw him touch himself under his table. Paul's hand had played higher, almost to her crotch, but not quite. She felt herself growing wet with thoughts of what would come. Will he eat me? And, is he as good at it as he says? Will my husband really join in, sucking my breasts with him. What will it feel like to have two mouths on my breasts at once? Or, one mouth on a breast, and another mouth expertly licking my clit? He leaned forward slowly. Their faces closed the gap, their eyes just closed. Their lips met...gently...barely. Slowly she felt his tongue playing on her lips and opened them to invite him in. Their tongues met softly, and his hand moved up to brush her mound under the table. Reluctantly, they broke the kiss. They were breathing harder now, and not all of it was from controlling their breath. Her hand had found the hard bulge in his wool-blend trousers, and was squeezing it rhythmically. They finished the drinks, paid the tab, and headed up to his room. Paul saw another man, her husband he knew, get up simultaneously and meet them in the elevator. Since they were alone in the elevator, Paul pulled her to him and kissed her again. He looked up and took her husband's arm, pulling him up behind her, sandwiching her between them. She felt two hard cocks at once, as they ground them into her. Her knees weakened, but the men held her up. Soon, an eternity later, they arrived on his floor, and departed the elevator car for his room. He unlocked the door, and she saw that he had prepared the bed, stripping it down to the sheet. Soft music was playing, and almost instantly he had candles lit. Paul pulled her to him, and they kissed again. He asked her husband to sit down, while he slowly stripped her. Standing, he began to remove her clothes, and as he did, he laved with his tongue each area revealed. She only wore the shift, a thin, tiny bra and a pair of thongs. Soon, she was naked and smoldering with lust. After taking off his own clothes, he lay down on the bed and pulled her down to him. She joined him on the bed, and looked up to see her now-naked husband stroking his cock. Lying beside her, he caressed her breasts with his right hand. His mouth slowly descended on hers and their lips met. She felt the weight of his hard cock lying on her thigh, as his fingers rolled, pinched and pulled her nipples gently. His tongue probed her mouth and met hers, twining with it. His hand had moved down the soft contours of her hips and belly to her mound. He rubbed it softly with the palm of his hand, and could already feel her wetness cover her pouting lips. She stirred with the touch of his hand on her clitoris, her hips rising involuntarily. His mouth was on her neck now; his hand trailed down her thighs, stroking her, kneading her flesh. He look up and motioned for her husband to join them on the bed. Paul's mouth moved down to her breasts as her husband covered her mouth in a familiar kiss. Soon, however, he moved down, too, and together the men licked and sucked both her breasts at once. Their hands played on her body, stroking her legs, arms, belly and, of course her pussy, which, by this time was flooded. One of them, she didn't know or care which, was gently rubbing her clitoris. The other had inserted two fingers into her vagina and was slowly, deliciously stroking her, searching for and finding her G-spot. She was rapidly approaching an orgasm. The sensations washed over her, like the swirl of air from a lazy ceiling fan on a hot day. Her hips rose and fell with the ministrations of their hands. Soon, her legs tensed, her back arched slightly and she clamped down on their hands as she shuddered, grunted and moaned with her first orgasm of many. As she began to come down from the peak, Paul turned her to face her him. Both men's cocks were like rocks now, and they needed to come soon. She stroked her new lover's cock, thankful that she had a man as understanding and adventurous as her husband. She moved down to take Paul into her warm, wet mouth. Her husband, meanwhile, was stroking the cheeks of her ass, rubbing them and the backs of her thighs softly. He wanted to make love to her, too, but the first time he came tonight, he wanted to be in her mouth, so I contented himself with playing with her ass, watching their new playmate receive his pleasure. Ahh, what a glorious feeling it is to first kiss someone, first enter them, or first have your cock in their mouth! Paul was enjoying all three with her tonight. Her head moved up and down rhythmically on his cock. She gently sucked him, remembering that he had told her that being uncircumcised meant he was extra-sensitive and that sucking too hard was uncomfortable. His cock smelled and tasted so clean, with a hint of his cologne in his pubic hair.
to be continued >>>>

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