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Sexy Story - Second Date

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Second Date !

by The Pussy Barber ?
My aching dick was begging for attention. Janet wanted to be massaged. So I penetrated her insides with my fingers. She moaned more as I gently stroked inside her. She was dripping wet and wanted more. As she moaned and got closer to her climax she kissed harder and we sucked on each others' tongues harder. She asked for another finger inside her. Not wanting to disappoint her, I entered another and soon after another. I didn't wanted to damage her and her pussy opened up and relaxed just long enough to let me in. Finally she yell "Yes! Yes!" I had entered my whole hand inside her up to my wrist. I moved my hand gently at the same rythem as Mark was sliding his tool in and out of her back side. Janet started shuddering in the wild ecstasy of orgasm and her juices came flowing. At the same time Mark started cumming, Barnara pulled him out and grabbed his tall cock and sucked on it to get all the cum. At the same time, I slowly took out my dripping hand in insert my waiting dick to feel the throb of her pussy. As her sensation subsided, I started feeling the massive pleasure wave build inside me. She sensed this, pulled me out, she laid back on the bed, slipped under me while I was on my knees, and placed my dick between her breasts and pressed them together so I could tit fuck her. She massaged her tits and nipples and I came and she spread the cum all over herself. By then, Mark was done with his load and when Barbara saw me cum all over her sister's chest, she let go of Mark's flaccid dick and started licking the cum off Janet's chest. The 2 sisters seemed to become desperately hungry for cum. They started pushing each other for a position to get the drops of cum. As my orgasm ended, they were both trying to suck the drops off my dick. I grabbed a tit from each girl to try keep cumming and have the moment last longer. As I relaxed, Janet lay quietly, still enjoying the sensations of her massive orgasm. Barbara was eager to get her turn, so Mark worked with her tits and started sucking on her pussy vigorously. Although he was still out of commission for a little while, he was glad to help out a girl in distress. Barbara arched back and tilted her head back as if the motion would draw his tongue deeper inside her. She wanted more and had a finger in her mouth as if she wanted to suck on a dick at the same time. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for another round yet. Then Janet saw the desire in Barbara and got up and walked toward the closet and opened it. On one shelf was a huge rubber cock. It had veins like copper plumbing and must have been 12" long and 4" in diameter. It had the right flesh color and looked almost real. Janet stuck it inside her once about half way to get some of her pussy juice on it and went to Barbara. She gave it to her and Barbara started sucking on the end of it. She looked like she wanted to get the whole thing in her mouth. That cock seemed to be the thing she was missing for the moment. She came in a massive orgasm and shook the whole bed. Mark was still eating her and licked up all the juices that flowed from her. Then she started relaxing and absorbing the pleasure of the feeling of her orgasm. She put the rubber cock next to her and stroked it as she continued to enjoy the feeling inside her. We all relaxed quietly next to one another. I was thinking about the experience we had just had. I glanced at the clock and finally noticed it was 10:30 in the morning. The day was still young. As it turned out, we stayed with each other the rest of the day to try out some more new experiences.

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